Solar Storage

Solar storage is no longer a thing of the past and especially since almost everyone has solar panels. With the coming of solar energy, it does make a lot of sense to have some form of storage for the solar energy that is collected. Unlike electricity, you are actually able to store the solar energy and use it later and especially since the peak hours for use are in the morning and in the evening. Having the right gadget to store your solar energy is the first step to ensuring that you get the most out of your solar power.

Understanding solar energy

In order to understand solar storage, we must first make sure that solar energy has been clearly understood. Of course, when you hear of solar energy, you can picture all the gadgets that use the power ranging from torches and solar power packs and in some cases, houses which are completely run by solar power. Solar energy is simply the energy that we get from the sun and that is thereafter converted into a form that can be used in households and commercial places as well as used for generating solar electricity.

It is without a doubt the cleanest source of power we can harness on earth even though the power comes from solar radiation. The panels are able to convert the energy from the sun into electricity for use by utilizing of the electrons situated in the silicon cells that are used to make up the solar panels.

Uses of solar energy

The uses of solar energy vary and it’s both domestic and commercial. The standard house uses solar energy to convert into electricity for use in the general running of the house. For example, you can find the residents of a house using the electricity generated from solar power to heat their water in order to have hot water coming from their taps and shower, providing heat on the premises as well as cooking. In commercial use, the solar energy generated could be for industrial purposes like perhaps rotating turbines and providing overhead lighting for workers etc.

Every day, we are able to discover new ways of applying solar energy as it’s no different from the other ways we get electricity. A fully outfitted industrial plant with enough solar panels as well as ways of storing the solar energy can be able to fully rely on solar energy for its day to day activities.

Solar storage

When it comes to solar storage, the kind of storage gadget you get will depend on your budget and what your expectations are. Despite the kind of panel that you have, what really matters is how you end up storing your energy as you could end up using a lot of the energy generated wastefully. What you have to keep in mind is that the sun won’t be shining all day and night and therefore, what has been generated in the morning must be stored for use at night and still, it needs to be used in ways that are friendly. With the changing seasons, you can be assured of having very little solar energy during winter and that’s why you need to have backups!

A look at some three ways of storing solar energy

There are solar batteries that are used to store renewable solar energy. As much as many leaps are being developed in terms of solar panels, it’s interesting how none are being done in relation to solar batteries. Below we will discuss some really clever ways of storing the solar energy that is generated:

Flow batteries




Solar energy is a big innovation that will overtake the other forms of generating electricity once we figure out how to completely harness the sun’s power and store its residual energy in a way that is beneficial. There are challenges with solar storage but as long as you have the most available, batteries, you can be able to enjoy the power even when you don’t have the sun for a few days. However, for you to be covered for a longer period of time, you will need to have several batteries.

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