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Green Team

Expert Green Energy Financial / Accounting Services, and Business Strategy for Solar, Wind, Biomass, and Cleantech Companies

Biomass • Waste-to-Energy • Solar • Wind  • Hydroelectric • Geothermal • Tidal Cogeneration • Distributed Generation • Commercial Green Building and Energy Efficiency

Put Our Green Team on Your Green Team

The Rodman & Rodman “Green Team” is dedicated to providing renewable energy producers, and other businesses that pursue energy efficiency initiatives, with expert counsel and services in renewable energy tax accounting and business strategy. Our experienced “Green Team” CPAs are domain experts in renewable energy finances, offering tax advisory, financial and accounting services for cleantech companies involved in solar, wind, biomass, waste-to-energy, and energy efficiency projects. We can provide your company with a sustainable financial roadmap through: expert partnership/corporate structuring for optimal tax benefit; grant qualification assistance and auditing; ongoing advisory services for federal, state and local tax incentives; and specialized strategic financial planning and management for renewable energy companies.

Green Domain Expertise, Personalized Service, Affordable Fee Structure

Rodman’s Green Team can serve as your primary accounting firm or augment your existing financial staff with our specialized, renewable energy tax and financial management expertise. Our highly-personalized approach and reasonable fee structures allow companies in every stage of the business lifecycle, from start-up to IPO, to take advantage of our expert knowledge and experience in renewable energy finances.

Commercial/Residential Energy Efficiency Investments

The most efficient way to balance energy supply and demand is to control the demand side. When property owners increase the energy efficiency of their commercial and residential buildings with upgraded windows, LED lighting, HVAC equipment, automated controls, improved insulation and building envelope, it’s a win/win for everyone. Property owners and tenants save on their energy bills, the buildings are more comfortable to live in, and utilities don’t have to build additional power plants, transmission lines and gas lines — the cost of which eventually gets passed down to the consumer. This is why energy efficiency investments will likely continue to receive government tax incentives.

Rodman & Rodman’s Green Team can help you determine what projects and investments will provide the best return on investment, calculate potential tax benefits and depreciation, and help you structure your partnership or corporation to take maximum advantage of these incentives. In many cases we can even help you identify and secure the best financing options.

Partnership and Corporate Structuring

One of the biggest struggles facing new startups is organizing their entity in the most effective way.  From the initial question of “should we choose a corporate or partnership structure?” to “how will the stakeholders be affected by the results of operations?”, our team can help you make informed and effective decisions.  We can assist your strategy and decision making by:

  • Structuring your organization to maximize tax benefits for stakeholders
  • Working with attorneys to facilitate operating agreements
  • Communicating with partner or investor financial teams

Ongoing Tax Advisory Services

Our Green Team CPAs closely monitor proposed and executed changes in the federal and state tax codes and advise our green clients on how they might be affected. We propose new ideas, and adjust strategies to take advantage of the changes. In addition to regular news updates, we can provide research and planning to prepare for project or company changes throughout the year.

Strategic Financial and Tax Planning

The Rodman Green Team can provide your organization with strategic financial planning through every stage of your renewable energy company life cycle. Whether your strategy is long-term growth, an IPO, or premium acquisition, we can make sure your company is properly positioned to achieve the optimal tax and financial outcomes. Rodman’s Green Team can provide advice to harness the full value of renewable energy tax credits and accelerated depreciation schedules. We also offer financial and tax planning for corporate officers.

Permanent and Temporary Financial/Accounting Staffing

We can help you qualify candidates for financial/accounting management and staff positions, or supply temporary staffing to assist startups or fill in gaps for later-stage green energy companies. We can assist you in building a strong, green-energy accounting staff.

Financial/Accounting Software Selection and Services

Rodman & Rodman offers highly-trained experts with experience in a variety of financial/accounting packages for small and medium-sized businesses. We can help you with the selection and deployment of the best software for your unique company and industry requirements, and even provide training and ongoing support. Our services include:

  • Software evaluation and selection
  • Set-up and implementation
  • Training and technical support
  • Business process or application outsourcing

For more information on our “Green Team” services email
or call Tom Astore at 1-617-965-5959..

Rodman & Rodman has the following Associations and Certifications:

  • intuit
  • Boston Business Journal
  • Boston Business Journal